The Guitar Players Bootcamp Course

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The Guitar Players Bootcamp Course

Level up your guitar playing with this complete guitar course. Immediately you can begin implementing what it took me years to master.

If you have watched your favorite guitar player and wondered, how is he able to play like that. Or seen yourself struggling to play guitar. And Getting frustrated with little to no results.

Getting to advanced guitar playing isn’t that hard. But it will likely take years if you keep playing the same thing over and over. HOPING you’ll improve.

Dramatically Increase Your Ability to Play Chords

Get the Practice Strategy that will Minimize Fretting Fatigue

Maximize Your Practice Session to Improve Fast

Beginner guitar players are amazed when they see an advanced player sounding so good. I can get you playing thousands of songs if you learn the right way to make every chord sound great.

Most guitarists focus on the wrong thing when they practice. And don’t realize that they are prolonging there ability to move to the next level. With this course there are 29 in-depth tutorials, an eBook & material to download to keep you on track.

It’s easy to let your practice turn into the same session. Where you just play the same thing. And Hoping you will improve. I’ll help you improve FAST with smart tips and skills.

Stop Wasting Money

Stop the Frustration

Stop Making Beginner Gaffes

You don’t need an expensive guitar to sound great. I’ll show you a step by step proven process you actually need. So that you can confidently work on fundamentals.

You know how frustrating it is to go from one chord to another. Without muting or Buzzing sounds coming off any of the strings. To make the chord sound good. Learn how more advance guitarists stop this.

Playing guitar there are many rules to music. How to strum, What chords to play, Where are the notes . How to position your fingers for chords. If your ready to play guitar and stop just looking at it. Then learn how to do it right.

I’m a subscriber to your YouTube channel. So decided to give your online course a shot, since it was guaranteed I had nothing to lose, I was impressed with this course.. I found it very informative.

Lori D.

I had wanted to learn to play the guitar for years. I signed up for Beginner Guitar Bootcamp not knowing what to expect. It is a self-paced course that has taught me everything from how to hold the guitar and pick to the anatomy of the guitar and all of the chords. Awesome course easy to understand and best of all you learn at your pace. Thanks GuitarGuide!

I’m glad I stumbled across this course. Lot’s of good stuff, for a new guitar player. Thx Boomer

According to Fender 90% of New Guitarist Abandon Playing Within a Year

And it’s not because they aren’t practicing hard. It’s because so many of them are working hard on the wrong things. You could end up as one of the 90% of new guitarists that end up aggravated, stressed out, having no fun, with no results to show for it.

Or you could get access to a step by step structured way to play guitar.