Friends in low p;aces video

How to Play Friends In Low Places

Video Tutorial Friends In Low Places By Garth Brooks

This video shows you how to play Friends in Low Places. A Great song By Garth Brooks. This is a fun rendition of the song. There are some basic Chords. Bar Chords and a diminished chord. Learn the arpeggio in the song. The video shows the strumming pattern and the chord progression.

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Garth Brooks

Troyal Garth Brooks was born on February 7, 1962. Garth Brooks was an active singer songwriter in mainstream music between the years of 1984 – 2001, then he retired. During this time Garth Brooks made 10 studio albums, 1 live album and 51 singles.

In 2005 Garth came out of retirement. He has sold 70.5  million albums as of 2015. His world wide sales stand at 150 million records.

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Once you have learned how to play Friends in Low Places check out this video lesson and learn an Arpeggio.

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