Christmas Songs on Guitar for Beginners

Christmas is a Special time of year. And that’s why I decided to put together Christmas Songs on Guitar for Beginners. 10 Christmas songs to get you into that Christmas Spirit.

Look at 13 Christmas Songs on Guitar for Beginners:

  • 12 Days of Christmas
  • Santa Claus is Coming to Town
  • Frosty the Snow Man
  • Silver Bells
  • Blue Christmas
  • Silent Night
  • Christmas Don’t Be Late
  • Circle of Love
  • Go Rest High on that Mountain
  • Christmas Cannon Rock

If your ready to learn some Christmas songs then grab your guitar…

12 Days of Christmas

This song is so much fun to play. I’m going to explain how to play the melody on your guitar.

Then take a look at the video lesson that goes with this lesson. You can also get the tab on my Patreon not just to this one song. So be sure to check it out here.

First your going to want to use the proper fingers so that you will not get tide up trying to move to the next note.

Start with your second finger on the second fret of the 6th string.

Once you have fretted there, you are going to want to alternate your picking.

If you are not sure how to do this. Check out this guitar lesson it will help.

You don’t have to alternate pick, but it will just make things easier…It’s up to you.

Your going to start by picking the E string. Which is the 6th string 3 times down up down, then place your second finger on the A string.

Now you are going to fret the 5th string at the 3rd fret. And pick the A string 3 times. Also using alternate picking.

After that use your first finger at the 3rd fret of the A string. Fret the A string. And pick it one time.

Now move up one fret to the 4th fret. Still on the 5th string. Fret the A string at the 4th fret and pick the A string.

Stretch your pinky over to the 6th fret of the A string. And fret the A string using your pinkie. Picking that string one time.

To make this easier you could get the Tab Here.

Vintage Guitars on Reverb

Third Bar

Now we are at the third Bar and your going to fret at the 3rd fret of the D string. Which is the third fret of the 4th string. Picking the D string.

Stay on the D string, now fret the 4th fret of the D string and pick the string.

Then reach over and fret the 6th fret of the 5th string. Picking the A string.

After that we are back on the D string at the third fret. Once you have covered the string, play the 4th string.

Then we want these notes to ring out… It’s the part of the song “5 gold Rings” To do this we are going from playing quarter notes to half notes.

Don’t worry about that just play the notes and you will do fine. Okay so now you want to fret the 6th fret on the D string.

Then fret the 8th fret still on the D string. And Fret the 4th fret on the D string. Then the 6th fret of the D string.

And for each note of course you will pick the D string.

These three notes are all on the D string too. You want to fret these notes: 6, 4, and 3, Picking the D string every time you fret the strings.

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The 7th 8th & 9th Bar of 12 Days of Christmas

Starting the 7th bar we are almost home. You are going to play these notes on the A string.

By fretting the 6th fret and picking the A string. Then the 4th fret and picking the string again.

Then go up to the D string. The 4th string and fret the 4th fret there. Picking and playing the D string.

Go to the E string, 6th string and fret the 6th fret. Playing the E string, which will bring you to the 8th bar of the song.

The next set of notes are all played on the A string. You need to fret these frets and pick the A string. So that they ring out. Here they are 6, 6, 4, and 3.

On the 9th bar Fret the 6th fret of the E string. Play the E string, and fret the 4th fret of the E string and pick the string again.

Move to the D string and fret the 3rd fret and play the D string. Then fret the 4th fret of the D string and pick the sting again.

3 Bars Left to Play 12 Days of Christmas

Fret the 6th fret on the D string. The 4th string and pick the string. Then Fret the G string at the 3rd fret.

The G string is the third string. After fretting the G string. Play the G string.

Stay on the third fret, but move to the D string and fret that note. Picking the D string. Next still on the D string fret at the 4th fret. And play the 4th string again. Related Article: How to Build Chords Guitar.

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3 notes left in the 11th and 12th bar. Your going to want to fret the 6th fret on the A string. Remember it’s the 5th string.

Then play the A string and fret the 4th fret of the A string and play the A string again. Letting the note ring out for the rest.

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Santa Clause is Coming to Town

This is a guitar lesson based off of the Vince Gill’s version of the song. In this guitar lesson there are two Video’s one shows you what you will be learning. And the other is how it is broken down. A step By step How to play this song.

Also this will take some time to learn. There are a lot of notes. My advise is to break it down.

So that you learn one little part front and backwards until your comfortable.

Before going on to the next bit. If you would like the tab to this guitar lesson get it here.

Here is Sharon YourGuitarGuide showing you Santa Clause is coming to town.

Here is the link to the Guitar lesson Santa Clause is Coming to Town.

Frosty the Snow Man Guitar Lesson

This is a Great Christmas Classic. And let’s get in the Christmas Spirit with this Frosty the Snow man Guitar Lesson.

Get the Tab too! Frosty the Snow Man Tab Here.

To start play the open G string. 3rd string, pick it. Then on the D string 4th string fret the 2nd fret. Pick the D string.

Move your finger up to the 4th fret. Still on the D string, and pick the D string.

Then play that open G string again. Then on the B string. Which is the second string. Fret the first fret, play the 2nd string.

And then play the open B string. Meaning pick the string without fretting. And then fret the first string again and pick the B string.

Staying on the B string. Use your third finger and Fret the 3rd fret. Then pick the string again.

Use your first finger and fret the first string of the B string. And play the 2nd string.

Play the B string open and then fret the 2nd fret of the G string. Picking the G string 2 times. Then pick the G string again. This time without fretting anywhere.

Fret the first fret on the B string. Play the string and move back to the 3rd string at the second fret. Fret there and pick the G string.

Play the open B string and then end on the first fret of the B string. Fretting there and picking the sting.

Then fret the 3 and 2 of the D string and pick the 4th string. And open G string.

Fret the 3rd fret of the A string. 5th string and pick the string.

Then it repeats. Check out the Video here at YourGuitarGuide and don’t forget to Subscribe!

Silver Bells Chords

In this guitar lesson of the song Silver Bells. This is easy guitar for beginners to learn some easy Christmas songs on guitar.

It’s how to play Silver Bells on guitar based off of the Elvis Version of the song.

The Silver bell chords are listed below in the chord diagram. Take a look!

A D E Open Chords

Here is how to place your fingers to play the chords.

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A Chord Finger Position

  • Place Your first finger on the 4th string. The D string. At the second fret.
  • Your second finger is on the 3rd string. Which is the G string. Also at the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the B string. At the second fret. This is the 2nd string.
  • Strum from the 5th string down, and don’t play the 6th strings.

How to Play D Chord on Guitar

  • Place your finger on the 3rd string. The G string. At the second fret.
  • Put your second finger on the 1st string. (E string). Also at the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the 2nd string. (B string). At the third fret.
  • Strum from the 4th string down. Don’t play the 5th or 6th string.
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E Chord Finger Position

  • Place your first finger on the 3rd string. (G string). At the first fret.
  • Your second finger is on the A string. (5th string). Also at the second fret.
  • Then your third finger is on the D string. 4th string, second fret.
  • When strumming the E chord you can strum all the strings.

Silver Bells By Elvis on Guitar

The chords are easy open chords. And this Christmas song on acoustic guitar is in 3/4 timing. Which is a little different than 90% of the songs you hear.

Most songs are in 4/4 timing. Which means when you count the beat. You can here 1 2 3 4. Like that, but on a song like Silver Bells it is in 3/4 timing.

What that means is the beat is like a waltz. 1 2 3 1 2 3 1 2 3. And the accent is on the one. 1 2 3. Listen to a waltz or this song Silver bells by Elvis and you will hear the beat.

It is not difficult, basically you are counting to three.

The way to play it is Pick the open A string. Which is the 5th string. Then strum the A chord.

Pick the open one time and strum two times down. You try it. It’s easy right?

Okay so it starts out on A. Then it goes to D. Play the Same rhythm. But after you place your fingers to make the D chord.

You are picking the D string. Which is the 4th string and strumming down two times on the D chord.

After that You go to the E chord. So you want to pick the E string one time and play the E chord twice.

Pick the E and strum down two times. Easy guitar for beginners! Then it goes back to the A chord. Keeping that waltz going. Pick the A string and strum.

If you want to get fancy you can put a walk up to the A chord in there. This is how that goes.

Pick the open A string. Use your first finger and Fret the 2nd fret of the 5th string, and pick the string.

Then place your third finger on the fourth fret of the A string and pick the A string again.

Then pick the open A string and strum twice on the A chord.

Then it starts over with the A D and the E again. Going into the next verse. Check out the complete Video of Silver Bells on YourGuitarGuide Channel.

Blue Christmas

You may not know it but Elvis loved singing Gospel and Christmas songs. One of My Favorite Elvis songs is Blue Christmas.

And another easy Christmas song on guitar.

I did a guitar lesson on Blue Christmas on my Youtube Channel. If your not familiar with the channel.

It is called YourGuitarGuide, I’m dropping the link for the Blue Christmas Guitar Lesson. And While your their have a look around and if you like what you see consider Subscribing. Thanks!

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Silent Night

Silent Night is such an iconic Classic Christmas song. I had to do a guitar lesson on this. It has some easy chords that you can strum all down strums or Classic Country style take a look….

Silent Night Guitar Tab and Beginner Guitar Lesson.

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Christmas Don’t Be Late

You may or may not have heard of this song. But my version and very popular is Alvin and the Chip monks. I mean there version is popular! I love this song. And it turns out that it is pretty easy to play and lots of fun. Try it here Christmas Don’t be Late.

Circle of Love

This Dolly Parton song is one of my favorites by her. She has a way with words and this sums it up.

Let me show you the chords in this song and then check out the video guitar lesson. And get the tab on my patreon. Enjoy! Merry Christmas…

Circle of Love Chords

Looking for Something Special for Christmas?

Check out the complete Guitar Lesson: Circle of Love Dolly Parton Song

Go Rest High on that Mountain

This may not seem like a Christmas song. But it is off of Vince Gills Christmas Album. And like everything Vince Gill records is spectacular. Take a look at this Guitar lesson: Go Rest High on That Mountain.

Christmas Cannon Rock

This is a cool Christmas song. And has been done by a lot of different groups. But my favorite is by Trans-Siberian Orchestra. I think you will like this guitar lesson.

I will show you the chords and you can simply strum them. Or you can arpeggiate them just like the song. Take a look at How to Play Christmas Cannon Rock.

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Christmas Carol Guitar Chords PDF

I have the tab to the 12 days of Christmas that goes with the guitar lesson. Enjoy and can’t wait to see you inside my Patreon.

Jingle Bell Guitar Chords

This is an iconic Christmas song for beginners. And a Great Christmas song on guitar. The chords in the song are G C AM D7 D and A7.

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