Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs

Almost all songs that you hear on electric can be played on acoustic guitar. That’s why playing the acoustic is so much fun. But another reason it can be fun is when you know some easy acoustic guitar songs. And that’s what’s on the agenda for today! 17 easy acoustic guitar songs with chords and… Continue reading Easy Acoustic Guitar Songs

Cry to Me Guitar Lesson

This guitar lesson is dedicated to my Aunt Lannie. Who doesn’t play the guitar, but loves music and introduced me to this great song that Solomon Burke sings so gracefully. After hearing the song I decided to make this Cry for Me Guitar Lesson. In this Cry for me Guitar lesson. I will show you… Continue reading Cry to Me Guitar Lesson

How to Strum a Guitar

Now that You have bought your guitar there are some techniques that you need to learn. And some basic principles like, how to strum a guitar. Today I am going to give you some tips and techniques. That by the time you have read this, you will be able to strum and have a better… Continue reading How to Strum a Guitar